Oration Session - 2020


Orations 2020

1. Smt. Uma Rani Banerjea Memorial Oration     (This Oration shall deal with any aspect of Ischemic Heart Disease)
2. Dr. Amalananda Das Memorial Lecture
3. Dr. V. V. Shah Oration     (NSPHERE Oration)
4. Dr. K K Datey Memorial Oration     (Sponsored by Sun Pharmaceuticals)


Recommendation should be sent to the Hony. General Secretary, Cardiological Society of India about the prospective candidate with six copies of bio-data and list of publications for consideration by the Special Committee dealing with Oration, Lectures and Awards. The Minimum Criteria for Selection of Oration are as under.
         i. The nominee must be a member of CSI for minimum continuous period of 5 years. He must be of Indian origin and have worked                in India.
           ii. Must have had Academic/Research experience of not less than 5 years.
          iii. Must have a total of at least 15 publications in the field of Cardiology, in journal of repute and also Indian Journals.
5. The proposer must submit a written proposal seconded by another member.
6. The proposal must be accompanied by –.
         i. Complete Bio-data.
           ii. List of publications as the first author.
          iii. List of publications as the joint author.
          iv. Three of the best publications Title/Titles of subjects on which the nominee is likely to speak.
               Copies of items 4 and 5 (4 -5) must be submitted.
7.The person who has received one oration will not be considered for any other oration, but can be considered after 5 years for another oration.
8. Application for Orations with accompaniments should be sent to CSI Office address as follows on or before 30th June 2020.

         The Hony. General Secretary
         Cardiological Society of India
         Indian Heart House
         P-60, CIT Road, Scheme VII-M
         Kolkata – 700 054
         Tel : +91 33 2355-6308
         Send a soft copy to CSI 2020 Scientific Chairman- drppmohanancsi2020@gmail.com.