Awards Session - 2020

Award Categories 2020

Conditions For Awards


  • 1. For Prof. D.P. Basu Memorial Award

    Age of the candidate must be below 45 years.

  • 2. For CSI Travel Award

    This award is applicable to the members of the CSI who are currently undergoing postgraduate training in Cardiology.
    Their age must be 35 years and below.
    These papers should have been accepted for presentation at the annual conference of the CSI.

  • 3. For Modi Mundi Pharma Award

    He must be of Indian origin and have worked in India.
    He must have Academic / Research experience of not less than five years.
    Age of the candidate must be below 40 years. Minimum publication of 3 (three) in index journals.

  • 4. For Navin C Nanda Young Investigator Award

    The award is applicable to members of CSI of Indian origin.
    This award pertains to the field of echocardiography and the session will be held during the Echocardiography CME progamme on the first day of the Annual Conference of Cardiological Society of India.
    The award is restricted to individuals below the age of 40 years or 5 years after eligible Qualification whichever is less.
    The paper submitted should be an original work that has neither been presented elsewhere, nor sent for publication in any journal. This will be certified by the principal investigator and endorsed by the Head of the Department.
    The Condidate should send a brief CV, including prizes, medals or other awards along with the papers.
    The candidate will not be eligible to compete for any other award in the same year.

Five copies of the full article should be submitted to
CSI and Chairman,
Scientific Committee of 72st Annual Conferenc of CSI, 2020,
The article must be submitted on or before 31st August, 2020.